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Dr. Abheet

  • HOD Madhubani Medical College
  • Assistant Professor in Madhubani Medical College (Dental Department)
  • MDS Oral Medicine & Oral Radiology
  • BDS Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery 
  • Ex Dental observer in AIIMS

About Dr Abheet – Best Dentist in Patna

Dr Abheet is a Dentist (Dental Surgeon) and Oral Physician. In Dental Spa, Dr Abheet is the main Dental Expert. Dr Abheet has a Masters degree in Dental Surgery (MDS) with Oral Medicine & Oral Radiology as main subjects. He has a Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery (BDS). Dr. Abheet had worked as Ex Dental observer in AIIMS.

He is a member of the Indian Dental Association. Dr Abheet is a member of the Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology. He has trained extensively in Implantology. Which He has been practicing for more than a decade now. Dr Abheet specialized area of interest is in Cosmetic Dentistry. He has undergone training both nationally and internationally.

He is committed to educating the public on dental awareness and has addressed several organizations to spread the message. He has written several articles both for the public and the profession. He has given several talks on Dental Practice Management, Marketing Esthetic Dentistry, Current Trends in Dentistry and Laser Dentistry, and remains committed to the further development and education of dentists in Patna as well as the rest of India.

He runs a Multispeciality Dental clinic in Patna Bihar India. which has a State of the Art Dental laboratory attached. Several Continuing Education courses are conducted at this clinic to give Dentistry the right perceptive both for the patient and the profession.

His dedication to dentistry and the clinical skills he has acquired over a period of years have been highly appreciated by his patients. One of them was happy enough to call him the Best Dentist in Patna.

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Please try again after some time in case call fails or unable to connect due to network problem. You can also contact us through contact us form and appointment form.

Welcome to Dental Spa-Best Dental Clinic In Patna

Dental Spa is a rapidly growing, dedicated multispeciality Dental Clinic in Patna. It is determine to change the way people think about dental treatment in patna. Dr. Abheet who is  considered as Best Dentist in Patna.

Dental Spa is currently provides high quality, affordable dental treatment in Patna. It has more than 50,000 individuals from all walks of life. it’s also spreading satisfied smiles all around.

Dental Spa takes pride in providing the most comfortable ambiance at clinic.It’s has a state-of-the-art technology with latest dental implants in Patna. Services includes full mouth fix denture, root canal treatment, capping, crown & bridge and oral surgery. Orthodontics, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental implants laser dentistry and painless dental injections are also available in Dental Spa Patna. It is directed towards a commitment of excellence in the vast field of dentistry. Dental spa also assure patient-oriented treatments with outstanding quality.

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Considered the Best Multispeciality Dental Clinic in Patna

Patients are given a transparent treatment with proper plan as per requirement with precise pre-operation and post-operation X-Rays Consultation, which is the main reason why people commonly consider Dental Spa as the best multispeciality dental clinic in Patna.Our dental clinic in Patna is set in a standalone building and is often referred by patients as the best dental clinic in Patna.

Also,Our clinic is open year-round, and there is a 24-hour dental service helpline in Patna hence it is often considered as the best dental Clinic in patna A.G Colony.

Associate with the Best Dentists in Patna for Painless treatment

There is a wide availability of dentists and dental specialists in Patna, patients are choosing to get their dental treatment only with the best dentists or directly with the best dental specialists in Patna Bihar. Taking this into consideration, Dental spa has the best dentists in Patna. Dentists practicing with Dental spa are trained to have a comforting demeanor and provide assurances in all kinds of procedures and Painless treatments.

Awareness of Dental Treatment in Patna

With the increase in internet uses in patna people have shown awareness regarding Dental Treatment in Patna, people are getting more aware of root canal specialist, child dental treatment, pediatric dentist in Patna or endodontist in Patna, dental crown specialist or prosthodontist, dental implant specialist or dental implantologist, laser dentist in Patna. People also search for other dental treatment in patna like capping, crown & bridge, oral surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.
Parents are specifically asking for a children’s dentist or pediatric dentist. Individuals having tooth pains are precisely looking for a root canal specialist or endodontist. Individuals who are finished with the root canal specialist immediately ask for the dental crown specialist or prosthodontist in patna. People with missing teeth want to get the latest dental implants, and by the best dental implant specialist or dental implantologist.

Their end result point to Our clinic Dental spa as it has the Best Dentist in Patna.

Our Specialties


When your tooth’s nerve chamber becomes infected with decay, root canal treatment is often the only way to save your tooth. Root canal treatment cleans out the infected pulp chamber ad repairs the damage.



A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures are false teeth made to replace teeth you have lost. Advances in dentistry have made many improvements in dentures.




Crowns also known as caps are use to restore the damage caused by decay. A tooth fracture and lose considerable tooth substance when most part tooth is decayed.



IMAGE FOR ORAL SURGERY IN DENTAL SPA - BEST DENTIST IN PATNAOral surgery is needed for the treatment of a tumor or cyst in the jaw, something as common as dental implants. Oral surgery can solve cosmetic or reconstructive requirements.



IMAGE IS USED FOR ORTHODONTICS IN DENTAL SPA- BEST DENTIST IN PATNAOrthodontics Dental treatment corrects irregularities of your teeth. In case, if you have a bad bite due to irregular position of the teeth. Hence orthodontics treatment helps correct undesirable appearance, and smile.



IMAGE USE FOR COSMETIC DENTISTRY IN DENTAL SPA- BEST DENTIST IN PATNACosmetic dentistry is the latest thing in dentistry which adds sparkles to your smile and makes you stand out of the crowd. Cosmetic dentistry is very common and popular with people of all ages.



Image use for dental implants in dental spa- BEST DENTIST IN PATNADental implants are needed when you loes one or more teeth. In Dental spa patna we provide painless dental implant treatment.



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